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Avoid the Hype! Primers are still important.

Paint-n-Primer-in-One is a great name, but it’s not new.  Diamond Vogel’s finishes have been applied directly to surfaces for years.  All of our finish paints can be applied to existing coatings that are in good shape and properly prepared. They’ll look great and offer outstanding performance, but primers are still important.

Kick Back and Relax on your Deck? Not so fast...

Deck with table and chairs

Spring is arriving, and it is a great time to kick back in your lounge chair, with a cool drink in your hand while enjoying a beautiful sunset on your gorgeous deck.  

Wait, your deck doesn’t look gorgeous? We can help you fix it.

When to use tinted primer


Tinted primer helps you achieve the perfect paint color

Getting a gorgeous color to saturate your room starts with the right materials and of course, the right paint. But don’t forget about what’s underneath. Using primer may seem like just an extra step, but it can do a lot for the finished look of your room.

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