Painting Contractors


Premier Contractor Club»

The Diamond Vogel Premier Contractor Club is designed with a single objective: to help you build your business. As a Premier Contractor Club member, you will receive valuable tools, helpful information and extra marketing advantages to assist you in building your business.»

Sundry Catalog»

Find the best tools for you to get the job done right. Search our full collection of the best brushes, frames, covers, tape, and much more.»


Pinnacle Protective Coatings»

Pinnacle Protective Coatings takes full advantage of our generations of diligent research, rigorous testing and strict quality controls to provide you solutions to your toughest problems. Protection at a Higher Level.»

Bonus Bucks»

What can you get with Bonus Bucks? Bonus Bucks can be redeemed for a great family vacation or for Pump Bucks to reduce the cost of a new sprayer.

Avoid the Hype!  Primers are Still Important»

You've seen the ads. Paint-n-Primer-in-One has certainly been hyped, and it's not new.  Knowing when to use a primer can you save you time, prevent failure and provide a better looking job.»



Architectural Coatings System Selectors»

Coating system recommendations for substrates commonly found in residential, commercial and institutional projects. 




Heavy-Duty Protective System Selectors»

Coating system recommendations for substrates requiring extra protection from corrosion, chemicals or abrasion.


Traffic Marking Coatings»

We serve all phases of government agencies and contractors while focusing on the specific needs of the pavement marking industry with precision control, quality and safety.

LEED Information»

The LEED guidelines for paint and coatings focus on indoor air quality and limiting the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in paints and coatings used within the building envelope.


MPI Information»

Diamond Vogel has many products listed with the Master Painters Institute.


Technical Bulletins»

Detailed information for many painting and coating topics.